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What is the difference between a Paralegal and a Lawyer?

In Ontario, both Lawyers and Paralegals have to obtain the proper education and pass a Licensing Exam at the Law Society of Ontario. Lawyers are trained and qualified to represent clients in any area of law.  A Paralegal’s scope of practice focuses on particular areas of law and our education, training and licensing allows us to focus on these areas of law.  Paralegals may represent clients and provide legal services at various Tribunals, Small Claims Court, Provincial Offences court and some minor Criminal Court matters.

Why Hire a Paralegal?

Generally, Paralegals provide their clients with cost-effective legal representation and advice.  Paralegals are regulated by the Law Society of Ontario and are held to a high standard of professionalism, service and we advocate in our client’s best interests.

What are your fees?

We believe every client and every case is unique. We have an intake process where we assess what is needed and the possible avenues that could be taken. Each case is so different that a flat fee is not always the best solution. Feel free to contact our office for your individual quote.

Should I self-represent?

There may be individuals who are competent to self-represent but unless you have experience and the time to devote, we strongly recommend, at the very least to talk to a legal representative before making the decision to self-represent. Often times, clients obtain legal advice after trying to self-represent. Getting professional advice from the beginning can save you time, money and stress.

Is there a Lawyer at your firm?

We work very closely with Lerners’ Personal Injury Lawyers who also work from this office location. If you are looking for a Lawyer whether it be for Personal Injury, Criminal, Real Estate, Family, Wills and Estates, we can direct you to a Lawyer who can assist you. We have built great relationships with several local lawyers over the years and would be happy to direct you to a firm that can meet your needs.

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